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July 12, 2008


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Amy Brown

Great post; this is such an issue for me here in Ithaca, since it is a community that considers itself "enlightened" as long as you completely agree with the majority opinion...an "It's my opinion and you are all entitled to it" viewpoint.

I find that the 'hot topic' focus changes year to year, this year being sustainability. Sustainability; a good thing. But what happened to non-discrimination to the gay/lesbian population in terms of their rental/housing rights (a good thing, but last year's issue), or, equal rights to minority populations (another good thing, but 2 years ago). Why is there no acknowledgment of the rural poor in a community that has 2 major universities/colleges? (it is "ugly" that these circumstances exist)

So unfortunately, "free will" is based on the need of the moment, and while this community considers itself "enlightened" because they have staff monitoring the trash bins to assure that you are properly throwing away your recycle/compost/trash, it refuses to acknowledge that individuals have the right to free will and instead are quick to judge those whose "free will" doesn't coincide with their own beliefs.

Well, this is a rant if I've ever written one. Sorry, didn't mean to make this all "Craigslist Rants and Raves" on you.....

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