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May 12, 2008


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When I got card(s) for mothers day the first one I grabbed was for my mom..then the wife..then for the wife from the kids.

Sounds like a rough go w/child #2. Perhaps you can put a for sale sign in the front yard? Someone might buy her? I kid I kid.

Lisa Belisle

Your kid#2 is just like my kid#1 (and my mother's kids #5 & #8): willful and smart. Be firm, persistent and patient with the littlest Raven. My freshman son has (mostly) grown out of his worst behaviors and my brothers (at 30.5 & 25 years old) are wonderful people. It's worth the work.

I might also advise good birth control:)

Jason Raven

No! I want 2 more kids! Preferably 2 boys so that everyone has a brother and a sister. I guess twin boys would be the best way to go so we can get it over with.

I can't decide which is more likely - that happening or you getting her to wake up at 6am to go walking.

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