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April 08, 2008


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Lisa Belisle

Hmmm...there just has to be a way to make this seaweed product work. Sea vegetables are so healthy, and this is a great local commodity. I wish their website gave more cooking suggestions/recipes. Maybe it's worth sending them an email?

Jason Raven

The pesto was the only way I found it to be inedible, which was just a dumb idea on my part. I thought it was pretty good when simply mixed with my pasta.

My biggest problem with it is the current price. If I have a choice between spending $4 on a 4oz package of frozen kelp noodles OR a pound of fresh asparagus, asparagus is going to win every time.


yeah but doesn't asparagus do bizzare things to your urine? Like odor and color? hahahah..sorry had to go there.

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